Hai Tao Ning

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Hai Tao Ning

Investment Manager at Beijing Oriental Face Technology Co., Ltd (HNA Group)

Venture Capital & Private Equity
  1. GTER Accelerator Program,
  2. Yoka.com,
  3. GlobalCampus
  1. The London District Regional Training Centre
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The London District Regional Training Centre

The London District Regional Training Centre

British Territorial Army Officer Cadet



• New Venture evaluation and creation
• Produce wireframe and product specification for website design, Website quality assurance management.
• Online Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation.
• Extensive experience in marketing and knowledge in financial market and company accounting.

Specialties:Purchasing, Cost benefit analysis, Analysing and reworking existing business processes, Deal Sourcing.


Investment Manager

Beijing Oriental Face Technology Co., Ltd (HNA Group)
– Present (3 years 10 months)

Transferred to the new company’s strategic and investment division to assist GTER’s partner who is the president of the new company, responsible for industry analysis, deal sourcing, due diligence for the target business in Social Media and E-commerce and O2O sector, furthermore help organise the board of directors meeting and assist the setup of the VIE structure of the company.

Investment Manager

GTER Accelerator Program
(7 months)Beijing

Responsible for deal sourcing, negotiation, due diligence, closing and post investment management, focusing on internet sectors, including consumer media, offline to online, Location base service, and SNS shopping recommendation companies.

Product Manager

(1 year)

Work in Yoka.com as web product manager, help implement social media integration into existing CMS system, plus with project manage several interactive short term online promotional event. furthermore business development project which involve licence of oversea technology to enhance company product portfolio.

Product Manager

(1 year 6 months)

Conducted research and designed roadmap, wireframes, and detailed product specs of the key features of Global Campus web site. Took ownership of set of features and managed delivery across entire cycle, including creating detailed product specifications, carrying out QA management and site testing, and managing trade off between design requirement and development team resource to ensure product delivery at optimum momentum. Produced search engine optimisation strategies and implemented various online marking strategies. Channelled between CEO and CTO to put business idea into realistic specifications for the development team to produce the final products.

IT Consultant

GJM UK Ltd - Luen Thai
(1 year 2 months)

Managed and maintained IT infrastructure within UK office including intensive testing tasks after rollout of new equipment. Liaised among head office, local office, and suppliers following service rollout and office expansion. Involved in quotation processes on behalf of company and worked closely with Finance department to provide insight into budget planning process.

Emerald Takeaway

Emerald Takeaway
(1 year 9 months)

Managed over ten staff at one of the busiest fast food shop in Belfast city centre. Produced time schedule to keep staff overhead at optimal level. Negotiated with supplier to achieve most favourable prices. Designed new marketing/pricing strategies to compete with competitors. Kept record of day to day business transactions and worked with external accountant to generate annual profit loss report and Tax and VAT return.

IT consultant

(1 month)

In the global transaction group in the internal consulting team, specialised in consulting within IT department within Citigroup Europe. Gained exposure to businesses modelling and analyses and understanding of the process and methodology involved in consulting within a vast organization.

Sales Consultant

(9 months)

Sales consultant in the busiest phone 4U shop in Edinburgh. Established client contact and provided clients with advice in their selection process. Used interpersonal skills to infer clients' needs extensively and provided clients with optimal solutions given their specific demands.

Beta Tester

Lite Pocket Project
(7 months)

Worked as Beta tester for this wireless software company based out of university. Tested products and communicated test results to company management and supervisors on a daily basis. Conducted product reviews and presented management with recommendations for program improvement and further development.



The London District Regional Training Centre

British Territorial Army Officer Cadet

Robert Gordon University

MSC, International Business

Activities and Societies: Student Representative, Careers Centre Ambassador

The University of Edinburgh

Bsc, Computer Science

Activities and Societies: Edinburgh University Trading Investment Club, Edinburgh University Asia Friends society, Edinburgh University Film Society

Methodist College Belfast

High School, A - Level

Activities and Societies: Chess Club, Rugby Club


  • Hiking
  • Film
  • Theatre
  • Musical
  • Gym Exercise
  • Jogging
  • Personal Investment
  • and New Technology


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